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Holidays are just around the corner and this time of year represents the perfect occasion for people who love books and cinema.

Here you can find some reviews written by students of 7th grade. I hope you enjoy the stories as they did and follow their suggestions.


It’s a horror and action film and it takes place in the past. The main characters are Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy.

I enjoyed the film because they fight a lot against zombies. The scenery was very real. There were a lot of good characters in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, but my favourite was Darcy because his character was very well developed. It is played by the actor Sam Riley. He also appears in the film “Maleficent” with the character: the crow.

The best part was when Elizabeth and Darcy fought and ended up breaking all the things around in the room where they were staying. Their faces at the end were funny.

The ending of the film did surprise me because the zombies came back when Darcy and Elizabeth were getting married. And again, their faces were so hilarious.

This is my favourite movie and I hope one day you can see it, too!

Sara Correia 7ºB


My favourite film is the animated film “Cars”. Although it is animation, I love the story because it is all about cars and the characters are cars. This film takes places in America in the small village Radiator Spring by the famous Road 66. My favourite part of film is when Lighting McQueen (the main character) defeats his rival Chick Hicks. I didn´t like when his tutor Doc Hudson died. This film was dedicated to the memory of Joe Ranft, one of the film’s directors and writers of the film, who died in a car crash during the production of “Cars”). I recommend this film because it is very interesting and there is a moral lesson in the end: there are things more important than winning.

Afonso Liberal 7ºD

"BOHEMIAN RAPSODY" by Bryan Singer is a wonderful biographical movie. The story takes place in the USA and UK. The main actor is Rami Malek. He plays Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of one of the most popular bands,” The Queen”. Throughout the movie about his life, Mercury has so many problems with alcohol and drugs, but he also has a life stuffed with romantic stories.

I loved this movie, because it´s romantic, tragic and exciting. I couldn´t stop watching it! The best part was when Freddie took a concert named “Live Aid”. The ending surprised me, because Mercury died with HIV, but I think that was good.

Inês Costa 7ºB


A few months ago, I watched the movie: "Maleficent: Mistress of evil". Since then,[1] this became my favorite film because I’m a big fan of fantasy!

This film takes place both in the kingdom of the magical forest and the in kingdom where the fiancé of Princess Aurora, known for[2] sleeping beauty, her mother-in-law and her father-in-law, live. The princess was created by Maleficent, the main character. After the prince Philip proposes to Aurora[3] in marriage, Maleficent reacts badly and from there and the rivalry[4] begins between her and the princess's mother-in-law and her kingdoms.

I enjoyed this film because I think that fantasy takes me to a new world of imagination and happiness but at the same time horror and thrill. The best part of the film was the end, but I can't reveal it because, to know the rest you will have to watch it!

Filipe Martins 7ºA

"FROZEN 2" The story takes place in a magical kingdom called Arandelle. The main characters are Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Sven and Kristoff. This film is amazing, magical, fictional and full of adventures. I liked everything in the film but my favourite part is when the people of Arandelle become friends with the people of the Enchanted Forest. At the end of the movie Anna becomes queen of Arandelle and Elsa becomes queen of the Enchanted Forest and the two kingdoms are finally united in peace.

Francisca Rua 7ºD

"HISTÓRIA DE UMA GAIVOTA E DO GATO QUE A ENSINOU A VOAR” BY LUIS SEPÚLVEDA The book is about a seagull and a cat’s unexpected friendship and promises that shouldn’t be broken!

The story takes place in the Harbour city of Hamburg (Germany). There are a lot of characters but the two main characters are “Zorbas”, a black cat and “Ditosa”, a white seagull. My favourite part of the book is when Ditosa is accepted in the group!

The end of the story wasn’t what I expected! In a rainy night, with a help of a human, Ditosa finally opens her wings and flies! Zorbas is thrilled, but he knows that he acted correctly towards Ditosa. After all he had kept his promises! There wasn’t anything in the book that I didn’t like.

From my point of view this book is really sweet! This book makes us reflect on the basic principles of life such as friendship, mutual aid and loyalty!

Maria Clara Pires 7ºA

Last month I read a comic book series called “NARUTO”. This is not a normal comic book but a Japanese one, best known for a Manga. This Manga was written by Masashi Kishimoto until 2000 to 2005 (part 1) and 2005 to 2015 (part 2).

The story takes place in an imaginary world of ninjas where Uzumaki Naruto lives in the Leaf Village. There are many characters throughout the story but the main characters are Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. The story starts long time ago. There was a Nine-tailed Fox that attacked the Leaf Village but the village hero dies defeating it and sealing it in a baby called Naruto.

My favourite part is the Fourth Ninja World War when all fight against the Akatsuki.

I won’t tell you the ending of the story because I want you to read. “Naruto” debuted on TVs in 2002 and was the most popular cartoons in the world. So, I suggest that you read and watch “Naruto”.

“Naruto” was my favourite cartoon and BD because there are many adventures, much action and comedy, it’s very dramatic (some parts make you want to cry) and a story that shows the sadness, the pain, the happiness and the true friendship.

Pedro Rodrigues 7ºB

“DORK DIARIES” (“O diário de uma Totó”), by Rachel Renné Russel. It is a diary written by the main character called Nikki. The story takes place in the school. Nikki moved to another moved to another town and school and made new friends. She fell in love with the same boy as her enemy who tried to embarrass her.

I loved “O diário de uma totó” because Nikki was not intimidated and fought for what she wanted. I recommend this book because it teaches us that we should not give up what we believe.

Beatriz Moreira – 7ºD

“THE TWINS AT ST CLARE'S” (“As Gémeas”)is a fantastic collection of books, “As Gémeas”. It was written by Enid Blyton. I think she is amazing because she wrote many famous collections of books for teens for example “The Famous Five” (“Os Cinco”).

”As Gémeas” is an adventure story. It takes place in a boarding school called St. Clare. The main characters are the twins Isabel and Patricia O’Sullivan. They were cocky and arrogant but the time spent at the college changed them for ever.

I love “As Gémeas” because it shows the life of teens students in the XX century and the fellowship between classes and colleagues and how good it is to study.

In my opinion the best parts are the pranks played by teachers or the revenge on bad roommates. It is very very funny!

The ending of the story is happy because the twins finished school and carried on their dreams to university.

In the story I didn’t like how the English don’t hug or kiss, just touch the shoulder, but this is the way their culture is.

I recommend this collection of books because you will have a lot of fun.

Filipa Rodrigues 7ºB


The author of this book is Erin Entrada Kelly. She is a Filipina-American writer of children’s literature and she won an award with this book!

The story takes place in a lot of places but the main place is the forest. There is one main character, Virgil Salinas and four secondary characters, Valencia Somerset, Kaori Tanaka, Chet Bullens and Gulliver (Guinea pig). My favourite part is when Virgil falls into the well and realizes the coincidences that have been happening.

The end of the story was wonderful! They didn’t go to the same school; they didn’t even know each other. But when Chet plays a surprising and tasteless prank on Virgil and Gulliver, the lives of these four people collide and connect in surprising and unexpected ways! Is it all coincidence? Or are there certain things destined to happen?

The part that I didn’t like very much is when Chet made fun of Virgil, but other than that, the book is amazing! I recommend this book because it has a lot of everything! I hope you can read it!

Maria Clara Pires 7ºA

My favourite film is "TITANIC". It´s a drama film by James Cameron, filmed in 1997. The story takes place in Titanic on April of 1912. The main characters are Rose Dewitt Bukater and Jack Dawson. They fall in love when Jack saves her from an attempt of suicide.

My favourite part is when Rose jumped out of the boat, back to Titanic, just to stay with Jack. And the saddest part, for me, is when Jack dies to save Rose. Titanic has also a very iconic phrase:” You jump, I jump right?”, and a very iconic song:” My heart will go on”.

I really loved this film, but I cried a lot.

Maria Barbosa 7ºD

Teacher Isabel Morim

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